The Williams are a usually normal, very active flock that nest in a wooded orchard in the gently rolling hills near Canton and Waleska, Georgia.

The family officially started on June 14, 1986 and now consists of:

Derek (aka Dad, Daddy), zookeeper.
Tina (aka Mom, Mommy, Chauffer), who is definitely younger and spunkier than Dad.
Amanda, the 17-year-old flutist, worship team member, museum volunteer, Chik-Fil-A'er, and new driver - look out!
Spencer, the 15-year-old techo-genius, pianist, guitarist, soccer ref, and comedian (not quitting the day job yet)
Luke, the 10-year-old soccer, basketball, and board game maniac and violinist.
Stephen, the 7-year-old embodiment of energy, complete with his own violin soundtrack.
Lydia, the adorable 5-year-old soccer maniac, violinist, and stand-in super hero.
Emma, the 2 year old princess who keeps us all wrapped around her little finger.
Bear. Back-yard companion who also helps with the retrieving and shepherding.

Our closest family roots are within the Williams, Ross, Ellington, and Baker families, all most recently
of Georgia.

We worship at Little River Church in the Union Hill community and invite you to join us.

We also invite you to join with us in the following other activities we feel are worthwhile and a whole lotta fun:

World Vision International.
The photo at left is of our sponsored child, Patrick Jillo of Kenya.
Romanian Mission Partnership.
Atlanta's High Museum of Art
And the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.
Zoo Atlanta
When we want to visit a place that reminds us of home.